Unique Shipping Container Homes

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Also known as cargo containers, shipping containers are large metal boxes that are used to transport products by train or boat. Although they are typically used to ship products between countries, there are many other wonderful uses for shipping containers. In fact, they can be used to create unique shipping container homes.

Shipping container homes offer a number of benefits for homeowners. For example, they are extremely sturdy. They are hurricane, tornado and fireproof and will not collapse during an earthquake. Shipping container homes also cost significantly less than homes built with traditional materials. Shipping container homes are fun to build and are an eco-friendly housing option.

Make It Modular offers a wide variety of models with a number of options and amenities to suit every need and budget. Shipping container models include Mini Mods, Mid Mods and Mondo Mods.

Mondo Mods

At 1200 to 2300+ square feet, our Mondo Mods offer the space of a traditionally built home with all of the extra features and amenities you can only find in a Make It Modular home. Mondo Mods can be built with one or two stories, covered parking or a full garage and a green roof or rooftop deck. These unique shipping container homes feature open living spaces and large bedrooms. A Mondo Mod is the premier choice for eco-friendly and energy efficient living.

Mid Mods

Mid Mods feature a modest 700-1190 square feet and are available with one or two stories. Mid Mods provide ample space for living, working, playing, storage and more. These unique shipping container homes are the perfect size for small families, rentals and Air B&Bs.

Mini Mods

Mini Mods range from approximately 160 to 640 square feet and are the perfect option for those looking to spend less time cleaning are more time outdoors. This space saving model is available with many of the same amenities as our Mid and Mondo size models. Mini Mods make excellent rental properties and several can easily fit on one lot.

Make It Modular shipping container homes are a cost-effective and energy efficient alternative to traditionally built homes. Our unique shipping container homes are perfect for anyone looking for affordable, durable and sustainable housing. Please contact us for more information.

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