Mondo Mods

Our Mondo Mods fill the 1200-2300+ square foot range, and offer all the spaciousness of a traditional built home, with all the super cool amenities and features you can Only find in a Make It Modular Home! Lots of options on these, one story or two, covered parking or full garage, green roofs or super rooftop decks, and more! Incredible open living spaces, and generous sized bedrooms as well. With unique staircases,  as well as window and door options, and just like its Mini and Mid Mod siblings, the Mondo Mods take great pride in our excellent use of space, and energy saving features. While our Mondo’s currently top out around 2300 square feet, MIM also offers ANY size Mi Mod Modular building through our Custom Mods option. Make It Modular and You, Let’s make something Great Together!


Please see our current plans under the Mondo Mods drop down, and call or visit frequently for newest or other options!