Mini Mods

Our Mini Mods are designed for those that have Already embraced the Zen like state that can come from living in downsized spaces. Ranging from approximately 160 – 640 square feet, our Mini Mods offer most the amenities and options of our Medium and Mondo Mod homes, in well  designed and thoughtfully crafted space saving models. Completely at home in a back yard, beach nook, hunting site, lake side, or even a lot of its own, these Mini Mods are built to last, and sure to please those who are ready to spend less time cleaning and hanging out indoors, and more time doing all the other things the world has to offer! Great as rentals too, and you could fit several on a lot! Let your imagination run wild & lets’ discover how we can Make it Mini Modular Together!

Please see our current plans under the Mini Mods drop down, and call or visit frequently for newest or other options!