• How Much does it cost?

    That depends. How many containers are you using? What type of finish do you desire? Will it have more than one story? Where is it going to be built? What challenges exist? There are many factors that come into play in creating your perfect Make it Modular space, and we have multiple designs and financing options available to fit nearly every budget. Please contact us at 512–643-3777 (info@makeitmodular.com) for more information about your particular MiMod needs. –

  • What are included costs?

    Our MiMods are a turnkey product, and we build them as a fully functioning site built home, including basic appliances and HVAC system, full bath rooms and kitchens, nice flooring, and many other sweet amenities. That said, each MiMod is unique, not just in its build, but in where it is placed, because we place them in Your space. Hence your MiM quote will Not include land, land or utility prep costs, foundation costs, or architectural & permitting expenses. We will refer you to the people that will be doing this work, and they will work in conjunction with both of us to bring your MiMod dream to reality.

  • Does make it modular build anything else besides?

    Yes! We can build multifamily units, and commercial spaces, and storage areas to name a few. And while container based homes is what MIM is known for, there is much more that container building and MIM can do for you, including MiPools – Coming Soon!

  • Less Expensive?

    Often, but not always. Shipping containers are built to withstand the most extreme conditions and are incredibly sturdy, but cutting into them for customization reduces their stability, and extra engineering tools and techniques must be implemented to retain as much of the structures’ strength and integrity as possible. Make It Modular prides itself in making sure that all of our MIM products conform to rigid safety standards, as well as meeting or exceeding all locally required codes, and a lot of hours and effort go into making sure that happens.

    We can build our MiMods in considerably less time than traditional-style building, and can often fit them into places that traditional buildings may not fit into well. Weather delays don’t affect our building schedules quite as often, and all these things can reduce your final building cost.Also, while containers are MIMs main building blocks, other building materials used affect the final price as well. At MIM, we offer three levels of finish out, Basic, Enhanced, and Luxury, as well as our custom line. This allows Make It Modular to offer a product that will fit most anyone’s needs And budget. Another Plus? All of our MiMods are built to Austin Green or better standards, offering their owners extra savings and a smaller carbon footprint, which is better on Your pocket And better for our planet!

  • Where does MIM Work/Deliver?

    We started in our home base of Austin, Texas, and look to be building on the Texas coastline by Spring of 2018. We currently have the ability to deliver our MiMods anywhere in the US, with plans to develop international delivery by 2020.

  • Big Hot Boxes?

    Absolutely not! The key is INSULATION! There are several options, some “greener” than others, and it is mostly has to do with the design, the insulation, and the HVAC system. Any way you cut it though, our MiMod structures will likely be more energy efficient and ecofriendly than most conventional sticks and bricks type homes.

  • Rust Easily?

    No. ISBU [Intermodal Steel Building Units] Shipping Containers were designed for ocean shipping, exposed to Tons of humidity and saltwater. A shipping container is made of a special, non-corrosive Corten steel, and we receive ours on their first trip, then clean and etch them, then coat them with a special enamel paint, in the color of your choice! This seals the container exterior and helps to prevent rusting

  • Is financing available?

    For further information please see our financing partners page http://makeitmodular.com/partners/

  • How can I learn more?

    Drop us a line or Schedule a visit! We Love to hear from our fans, and welcome all visitors to our shop, where they get to see how we take these boxes outside the box, and take affordable, durable, and sustainable to a new level.

    So call us at (512) 643-3777;

    Email us at: info@makeitmodular.com

    Visit: www.makeitmodular.com