MiMod 320B



MI MOD 320B 2B 1B Floor Plan

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MI MOD 320B is a single 8’x40′ container that creates a 2bed 1bath split unit efficiency style set up that comes with a single shared full bath, separate bedrooms, and small kitchenettes in each room. This efficient model has total 320 sq. ft. gross floor plan that comes complete with lighting, electrical, plumbing, and A/C. MI MOD 320B could be adapted into many different applications, such as a simple room mate option, military housing or bunkhouse style lodging,  fishing or beach camps, even FEMA support housing.

All prices are based on our basic finish out, with added charges for any additions or upgrades. Please note, prices and estimates are based on building costs only, and do NOT reflect costs of land, site development, utilities, extra architectural or engineering needs, or delivery too difficult to reach areas. Depending on plan and/ or location, additional foundation or roofing costs may also apply. Viability of any land owned by client that they wish for MiM to build on will require evaluation, and may require additional reports before a complete cost estimate can be given. For more information, or to price out Your MiMod, please fill in the contact us form or give us a call at (844) 360-2200.

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