Design Philosophy

MIM Design Philosophy
At Make It Modular we have a growing selection of pre-designed residential spaces, as well as custom design services for residential, commercial and recreational spaces, and more. Make It Modular designs each of our MiMOD spaces with several important criteria in mind.

Community First means we consider the community and the surroundings we are building in, and make every effort to build in harmony with those surroundings, incorporating many Green options, with Leed and Off Grid options also available. MIM intends to leave each space we touch a better space, and we work each day to make that kind of difference, everywhere we build!

ce, while delivering high quality aesthetics, from contemporary urban, to rustic getaway, and most anything else your mind can imagine! We have made our reputation by standing by our word and fulfilling our promises. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for changes, and while nobody’s perfect, at MIM client satisfaction is as high on our priority list as our reputation, and the spaces we create!

ls we use to complete each client’s MiMOD home, we use as many renew -able and re-cycled products as we can, re-using materials where possible, and we re-cycle everything allowed. According to figures from a New York-based shipping container builder, fitting a container for housing use takes only one-twentieth the amount of energy of reprocessing the same amount of steel and results in an additional hundred years of lifetime.

Our sustainable buildings, which are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, including custom options, are composed primarily of container modules, which are generally fabricated offsite, delivered to our client’s suitable location, and then permanently attached to their final destination space for finish out. Our modules are available for delivery to nearly anywhere on the planet, but to facilitate delivery of these modules for attachment and completion, each modular unit must be able to fit the maximum parameters of a 40 ft ISO container so that it is able to be transported locally or globally via truck, rail, or ship to its final destination.

At Make It Modular we understand one cannot place a price on a good reputation or a client’s trust. That is just one reason why at MIM we build our MiMOD ‘s with quality and durability second to none.

Each of MIMs modular buildings has to be able to meet or exceed the local building codes so that they can be permanently installed and pass building inspections at the permanent location of the client’s choice. We work closely with our team of engineers, architects, and local authorities to create a relationship that will best help us achieve this goal, while keeping the community and client first as a first priority all along the way! MIM isn’t here just to build a few buildings today, we are here to Create the buildings of the future Every day – The Make It Modular Way!