All About Building a Container Home: What Buyers wish they knew before they Bought!

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They’re all anyone can talk about; the newest trend in sustainable home building involves the use, or re-use of shipping containers in order to fashion a livable structure. Their convenient size and portability appeal to the nontraditional homebuyer; their unrivaled simplicity make the design of a home that’s all your own much more of a reality for many.

The basics – A ready-made room is delivered in one piece, and that room can then be stacked and combined with other containers to make multiple, or bigger rooms, similar to modular technology, but Much Better! Seems like a no brainer. But, of course, things aren’t always so simple. The technology is still relatively new and as such comes with its own challenges; so Make It Modular has done it’s best to meet the challenges and best them for you any way we can!

As Always – do your research & make sure you and your contractor understand your locality’s regulations and restrictions.

“A contour-beliefainer home built in Austin, Texas won’t look quite the same as a container home built in New York, or San Francisco, or Denmark,” said Martha Sorrel. “The container itself remains the same from place to place, but foundation requirements, zoning, fire regulations — stuff like that will vary.”



Make it Modular can help interested homebuyers navigate the ins and outs of purchasing and building a container-based home in Austin, Central Texas,  or elsewhere and create it in the style and design you desire!

Ask to see the containers of which your home will be made.
background-home“I wish I had asked to see my containers before buying them,” said Gary Plane. “The company who built my container home promised they were in good shape, but the truth is, they were pretty beat up.”

Make it Modular uses only the highest quality materials to build container homes in Austin including one trip or new containers for our live in products. 

  Insulation can be tricky. 

© Braden Gunem
© Braden Gunem

“Metal walls are cold, and metal walls get hot,” said Josh Star. “Proper insulation is absolutely necessary to protect against condensation, which I didn’t really think about at the outset; we ended up having to solder elements to the walls and then sprayed them with a foam anti-fire insulation.”

MIM insulates each modular home with a plant-based, closed, and open cell spray insulation that provides ultimate protection, while taking up minimal room. (Bonus: it’s fire resistant and eco-friendly too!)

“With a large gust of wind, the container rattles and makes quite a bit of noise,” said Sarah Abogado. “We didn’t quite expect that. I’m planting trees and shrubs and other vegetation to capture and divert some of the wind so we’re not scared out of bones with every storm.”

Make it Modular’s container homes are built to withstand the most extreme conditions. MiMs professional teams seal and secure everything, not just to code, but to OUR highest standards, and we can do so while leaving your home naturally unclad and painted only, or by cladding them with the material of your choice.

It can be… but it’s not always cheaper to build a container home.

© Sergio Pucci

 Make It Modular prides itself in making sure that all of our MIM products conform to rigid safety standards, as well as meeting or exceeding all locally required codes, and a lot of hours, effort, and money go into making sure that happens.

MiMods are built in considerably less time than traditional-style building, and can often fit into places that traditional buildings may not fit into. Weather delays and supply shortages don’t affect our building schedules quite as much, and all these things can reduce your final building time line, which certainly affect your final cost. Also, our MiMods are low maintenance, and that offers even more savings for you, and more time for You to enjoy however you choose!

Interested in learning more about Austin’s first container homebuilder?

Fully customizable to meet each client’s needs, Make It Modular mission is to do our best to make it possible for everyone that desires to, to create spaces to live, work, play, and create in, that can be affordable, dependable, and sustainable, and are at home wherever you want them to be. For more, call us at 512——– or visit us at Mention our “Fall Special15” and get 5% off any MiniMod order with a signed contract through the end of the year (and scheduled for building by August of 2017).

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