At Make It Modular we believe that everyone who wants to have a durable and sustainable  home, should have options available to fit their budget and style.


Make It Modular is here! For the best modular home builder in Austin, TX, look no further.  We are building affordable, durable, and sustainable solutions for our communities, using cutting edge re-cycled, renewed, re-used technologies. By doing whatever part we know how to do, we can all make this world a bit better place to be, one person, one company, one effort at a time


From our “Pop Ins”, to our “Mondo Mods” to our custom designs, our Make It Modular products are all created to deliver quality and value to our clients. Our MI Mods stand up to extreme weather conditions and events, can often be placed where traditional built homes may find it a challenge, and offer many energy efficient and green options, all while maintaining profitability for our investors, and affordability for our clients!


Stevie Bear- Partner / CEO / President

Make it Modular is the culmination of more than 20 years of hard work in the real estate profession, and a dream of a better housing solution that has spanned decades. Stevie Bears interest in real estate stretches back three generations to a great grandfather that built everything, and a dad that is still involved in real estate and remodeling to this day. Stevie has been involved in Central Texas real estate since 1997, and has been a licensed Broker/REALTOR in Texas since 1998, so rehabbing and investing in property was a very short leap, and leap she did, investing, building and rehabbing properties in Central Texas since 2000.

Austin L. Hedges-Partner/Vice President/ COO

Bringing creativity to each Make It Modular project, Austin L. Hedges develops design solutions that respect established budgets and schedules, and each sites environmental conditions, while also responding to the clients’ needs and desires. Educated in design, and with a background in remodeling and building, Austin states "Each design solution is unique and the result of a creative collaboration between the client, the team members, and governing authorities, all working in harmony, to create the art that is a Make It Modular design."


MiM is grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients, and the communities we work in. We understand how lucky we are to have the trust and respect of those we work with, and that it’s not just about the houses that we build, but about the contributions we make, that help make our products special, and our world a better place. At Make It Modular, we are committed to giving to those communities in whatever ways we can, whenever we can. After all, MiM isn’t here to build just a few buildings today, we are here to create relationships, and the buildings of the future, for the communities we work in Everyday – The Make It Modular Way!